iRehistro: How to be a Registered Voter for 2022 Philippine National Election?


The year 2022 Philippine National Election will be held on May 9, 2022, amidst the Covid-19 crisis. It is for executive and legislative branches of the government–national to local, except for the barangay officials. As the start of the election period per se on January 2022, the Commission on Elections is expected to publicly publish the finalized list of candidates that would appear on the ballot. The procedure and process of election would likely be announced at the early start of the year 2022. By this time, reactivation of registrations(for those who failed to vote in two consecutive elections) and new registrants (those who just turned 18 years old on or before the election) was expected to be registered for the national election next year.

For those who might not know who is eligible to be a registered voter of the Philippines, here's the list of qualifications:

1. You must be a Filipino Citizen.

2. You must be 18 years old and above on or before the national election on May 9, 2022.

3. You must be a resident for at least one (1) year in the municipality where you want to vote.

If you are eligible to become a registered voter of the Philippines, you must undergo and accomplish all voter registration processes. Cited on the Commission on Elections official website, Voter Registration is a requirement for any qualified Filipino citizen who wishes to vote in any Philippine election. It has been defined by Republic Act No. 8189 as "the act of accomplishing and filing of a sworn application for registration by a qualified voter before the election officer of the city or municipality wherein he [or she] resides and including the same in the book of registered voters upon approval by the Election Registration Board."


As to cater applications in an online platform, COMELEC has launched iRehistro—an online accomplishment of forms to facilitate the application for voters' registration. The iRehistro would help people accomplish the online forms for voter registration, but accomplishing these forms does not automatically consider your application as a registered voter. You must complete the below process to be officially registered.

Step by step process on how to be a Registered Voter:

1. Accomplish a Voter Registration Form.

New registrations and reactivation of registrations, both local and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), must first accomplish the Voter Registration form before proceeding to your local COMELEC office or Philippine Embassy.

A. Online Application or Registration on iRehistro.

a. Open any browser and input this link on the address bar:

b. You will be redirected to COMELEC's official website. Carefully choose if you are a local or overseas applicant.

c. Disclaimer notice will pop out. Read it carefully and click "continue" once done.

d. You will be asking what type of application you are about to register for. You have options if it is for new registration, reactivation, change or updating details, or transfer of record. Click "Registration" if you are a new registrant.

e. You will be redirected to the Voter Registration Forms. Input your personal details. Make sure that all information was filled out and errors free. Kindly check all the details before proceeding to the next page.

f. Once all forms are filled out, set an appointment for biometrics and submission of forms to your local COMELEC office.

g. PDF file will be generated. Save it to your computer and print three (3) copies of it.


Disclaimer: Please be informed that accomplishing these online forms is just to facilitate the process of online registration and does not automatically cover all the COMELEC registration processes. You have to go through all the verification, recording, and biometric process in your local COMELEC office or Philippine embassy, or consulate. Also, the Election Registration Board (ERB) still has to approve the application on the scheduled date.


B. Printed Copies.

If you are unable to do the online registration, you have an option to print it out and do the manual fill out. Print three (3) copies of the Voter Registration Form in a legal size bond paper and fill out all your personal details. All information must be filled out correctly. You can get a copy of this form on or at the local COMELEC office near you.

2. Prepare all the Requirements.

Before proceeding to your local COMELEC office, requirements must be prepared for a smooth and fast registration process.

A. Three (3) copies of filled-out Voter Registration Form.

B. One (1) valid ID and also provide a photocopy of the available ID you will be presenting. Your available ID must indicate your present address.

List of Valid Government IDs:













C. Additional requirements for those who will be turning 18 years old before May 9, 2022. You must bring the original and photocopy of your birth certificate for verification.


D. Bring your own ballpen and wear your facemask and face shield. Upon arriving in your Local COMELEC office, kindly follow the health protocols and observe social distancing within the premises.

3. Go to your Local Comelec Office for Submission of Requirements and Biometrics.

COMELEC offices are only open from Monday to Thursday, 8 am-5 pm. Limited numbers of appointments will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis. There are municipalities that are only accepting online appointments, and there are also those only accepting walk-in applicants. You must coordinate with your local COMELEC office for their announcements and notices.


Upon arriving in the office, you have to register and get a number or proceed to the waiting line. Kindly fill out the Health Declaration Form to be given upon registering to their premises.

These are the three (3) basic steps on registering in your Local COMELEC office:


Submission of all the filled-out forms and requirements. These are the three filled-out copies of the Voter Registration Form and Health Declaration form, also the photocopy of your valid ID. The Election Officer will assess your status on the system and check your filled-out documents if you have completed all the necessary details.


Once checked and verified, you will be given an application number and precinct number. You will update your printed forms with the given application and precinct numbers. Once called by the next window, you will be checking their computer screen if all your inputted details are errors free. You can also check and confirm your precinct status and location at:


Proceed to biometrics for e-signature and picture capturing. Thumb marks for your printed forms are also needed to be done after the biometrics. Forms must be submitted, and Acknowledgement Receipt will be given as proof of submitting your application.


Disclaimer: Procedures may vary depending on the implemented policies on your local COMELEC office. To know their announcements and notices, kindly coordinate with local COMELEC office in your municipality.


The Commission on Elections has extended the voter's registration until October 30, 2021. Don't let this extension be missed. Spare some time to register now. It is our duty to register and vote. Each vote matters and can lead to a great change. Learn more about all political aspirants. Take a good stance and vote responsibly.


Exercise your right. Register and vote wisely, kabarangay!