My Job, My Passport: Top 5 Visa-free ...

By Rommelyn Burgos

When I was studying in college, it was my greatest dream to travel around the globe. I made a promise to myself when I graduated and landed a job, and I would save up my salary for traveling.

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5 Reasons Why Filipino Migrate and Ch...

By Jayvee Calacat

Did you know that over 10 million Filipinos work abroad, making the Philippines "one of the biggest export countries of labor?" But why do many Filipino gamble their lives to work overseas?

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Top 10 Pasalubong of OFWs: Best Chris...

By Pauline Kris Santos

What's inside a balikbayan box? Balikbayan means "return to the country." And with that, sending a Balikbayan Box is a Filipino tradition of bringing gifts back to the Philippines for family and friends.

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Weighing What's Best to Acquire: RFO ...

By Mariel Suzeth Quiozon

nvestment, whether small or big, is still an investment. But as a person who values practicality in choosing where to invest, a house and lot will always be a good pick.

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DIY Interior Design Tips for a Comfy ...

By Cherilyn Caringal

When it comes to decorating our home, we like to do it independently, and we may end up with brilliant and resourceful do-it-yourself ideas. Regardless of our skill, we knew that we could make it, and we wanted it to happen.

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Planning to Get a Housing Loan: What ...

By Shanferly Yabut

As we get older, we want to have our own house and lot to secure our family's future. Planning a housing loan is not an easy-peasy thing; there are many things to consider knowing that it involves money.

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How do I get from Manila to Lumina Sa...

By Shiarize Victoria

Many people looking for houses and lots for sale are still confused about reaching the beautiful, historical, and the great province of Bulacan. Here are the ways to get to and see the designs of the durable, beautiful, affordable, and attractive house and lot offered by Lumina Homes.

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Reasons Why you should Invest in Real...

By Wilvi Delmoro

Why real estate? Why should I invest in real estate? Since this is one of the greatest investments ever, having your own house and lot can give you a sense of fulfillment and security.

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Do these before buying a House

By Noel Antibo

Did you know that buying a house is one of the crucial life changing decisions just like marriage? Since it is a life changing decision one could have, it needs to be thoroughly discern with your partner, with family, or with the people involved.

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