Visit The Most Multicultural Province In Central Luzon And Enjoy The Festivals in Tarlac

Fine delicacies and large sugar and rice crops make Tarlac a popular tourist destination. Central Luzon's cultural diversity contributes significantly to the city's excellent culinary options.

This makes Tarlac province one of the nicest destinations in Central Luzon to visit adding up to the region's wealth of historical landmarks and excellent dining establishments as well as extensive sugar and rice crops. The province of Tarlac is made up of four separate ethnic groups: the Pampangos, Ilocanos, Pangasinenses, and Tagalogs. As a consequence of sharing a space, the locals were able to come up with the greatest meals in town.

What's more to these is that the area also has a stunning golf course!

Want to explore and discover more about the melting pot of Central Luzon? Make sure to visit the province during one of the festivals cited below to further immense to the history, culture, people, and tradition of the region.

Rice Cake Festival or Iniruban Festival (Camiling)

AKA Tarlac's finest, the Chicharon and Iniruban festival takes place every year. Camiling is the name of the town where this rice cake festival falls.

During the final week of October, Filipinos celebrate the harvest and the excellence of their meat products, notably the Chicharon or Bagnet, as a way of thanking God for a bountiful crop. Chicharon, a popular dish among tourists, and Iniruban, a delectable rice cake known only to the Ilocano as "Iniruban," are also included.

The Street Dancing Competition, Miss Iniruban Beauty Pageant, and the agribusiness of the town are some of the attractions of the festival. Since 2000, it has been the province's oldest cultural event.

When to visit: The Rice Cake Festival is celebrated in Camiling on the last week of October every year.

Malatarlak Festival (Tarlac, City)

There is a festival in the Philippines called Malatarlak that is named after a kind of grass endemic to the region. A diverse group of students from the province's public and private schools dress up in grass-inspired costumes and perform traditional dances to commemorate the plant, which has long been regarded as a delicacy. For guests of all ages, there's a complete program of events and attractions to choose from at Tarlac City's Malatarlak Festival, which takes place each year.

This week long event begins with an opening ceremony, trade fair, food and drink stalls as well as live musical and dance entertainment performances. Events such as sports tournaments, cooking demonstrations, and marketplaces are just a few of the many other activities that take place throughout the festival. Fireworks display light up the sky on the last day of the festival.

When to visit: The Malatarlak Festival is celebrated in Tarlac City in the month of January every year.

Aeta Youth Festival (Capas)

This event is also named "Pamilalamu" which is an Aeta words that stands for "pakikisama" or solidarity. This festival is held by Kabalikat sa Kaunlaran ng mga Ayta, Inc. (KAKAI).

The Aeta Youth Festival was created in order to focus on promoting the Aetas' culture and empowering the young. The purpose of the festival was to teach the younger generation of Aetas about their cultural practices and customs, including rituals, crafts, songs, dances and traditional numerous sport competitions.

This indigenous event takes place at Sitio Alunan, a small town nestled in the highlands of Tarlac's Capas region. A 44 jeep pulls a trailer loaded with guests and tourists up the mountainside. Visitors arrive by bus from Manila, take a tricycle from Tarlac, and then hook up the trailer.

When to visit: The Aeta Youth Festival is celebrated in Capas from the 30th to the 31st of May every year.

Belenismo Festival (Tarlac, City)

Tarlac, the country's "Belen Capital," hosts the annual "Belenismo sa Tarlac" each year to celebrate its Belen heritage. An annual belen-making competition for businesses and citizens of the city of Tarlac is being held in this lively celebration. Ever since this event started, the Christmas season in Tarlac is marked by the exhibition of giant belen in front of local businesses and highways each year.

When to visit: The Belenismo Festival is celebrated in Tarlac City in the month of November every year.

Kuran Queen Festival (Tarlac, City)

In the yearly pageant known as the "Mutya ng Lalawigang Tarlac," the beauty and talent that embodies the Tarlaquena culture and are celebrated through pageant packed program and the grand procession of the candidates.

Common activities lined-up for the yearly beauty and talent competition are a photo and press presentation at the Jose V. Yap Sports and Recreational Complex, as well as the selection of Miss SM City Tarlac, the May Flower Festival, and the Grand Santa Cruzan; the Talent Showcase competition at the My Metrotown Mall, and the pageant night that will crown the Kuran Queen and her court.

When to visit: The Kuran Queen Festival is celebrated in Tarlac City in the month of May every year.

Melting Pot Festival (Tarlac, City)

The"Melting Pot Festival" is usually spearheaded by the city's tourism office. It was decided to rename the celebrations from "Malatarlak and Balik-Sigla" to "Melting Pot Festival" to underline that although the city is made up of individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds, they can still work together and accomplish the impossible.

In the morning, the people start the festival in the San Sebastián Cathedral and have a "Misa ng Pagkakaisa" or Unity Mass, after which the Plaza will host a trade fair and food festival, with a nighttime fireworks display to mark the opening ceremony of the celebration.

When to visit: The Melting Pot Festival is celebrated in Tarlac City in the month of January every year.

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