All About Different Digital Wallets In The Philippines

With all the online shopping and mobile payments, it's only natural that you need a digital wallet to keep track of your money. Digital wallets are basically electronic money accounts that allow you to store money in your phone—and they're convenient when it comes to making payments online. Aside from the basic necessities of water, electricity, and internet connection, paying your amortization for a housing loan can be made through these e-wallets. Luckily, there are several digital wallets available in the Philippines! Here's everything you need to know about them:


PayPal can be used in any country where PayPal is available, so it's convenient for international travel and online shopping. PayPal offers buyers protection against unauthorized purchases made on their credit card accounts.

The PayPal platform is enabling individuals and companies to participate in and succeed in the global economy by harnessing technology to make financial services and commerce more efficient, accessible, and secure.


GCash is a mobile payment system that allows you to pay for online purchases, bill payments, top-up prepaid mobile phones, and send money to friends and family. It's powered by Globe Telecom.

Additionally, it offers a virtual Mastercard that enables safe online shopping and payment. Filipinos favor GCash due to its user-friendly UI, broad partner network, and smooth interaction with other financial institutions. 


The all-in-one money app for every Filipino is Maya, a Philippines-based company that was renamed from PayMaya. In order to provide you control over how you spend, save, grow, invest, and manage your money, it combines a feature-rich wallet with a safe, forward-thinking digital banking experience powered by Maya Bank. Maya offers the current generation of Filipino money creators a genuine chance to thrive and develop into more confident versions of themselves since it is the money app that millions use every day.

You may easily purchase online, book flights, and pay bills with your Visa or Mastercard. Users are interested in additional features like cryptocurrency, cashback benefits, and special discounts.


In the Philippines, AllEasy has a user-friendly interface and extensive service offerings. You may effortlessly send money to friends and family, pay bills, and buy goods and services with AllEasy. Additionally, it provides a handy cash-in option through affiliated stores, making it available to people who favor in-person transactions. For all users, AllEasy wants to make using an e-wallet easier.


A straightforward account opening process is the first step in gaining access to next-level banking. In less than 5 minutes with GoTyme Bank, you may do that using a free app or a free personalized Visa ATM Debit card from kiosks staffed by Bank Ambassadors in Robinsons Retail locations around the country.

In its capacity as a digital bank with BSP authorization, GoTyme Bank is permitted to provide the same transactions, transfers, and rewards programs as are offered by digital wallets, with the added advantage of providing complete banking services, including interest-bearing savings accounts, no balance restrictions, and investments.

On both iOS and Android devices, GoTyme Bank is accessible. Along with the app, GoTyme Bank provides a one-of-a-kind self-service kiosk that allows users to open an account and get a functional Visa ATM debit card in only a few minutes.

Up to three times per week, Go Bank transfers are free to other neighborhood banks. You can send, receive, and move your money around for free. It's always free to transfer money between GoTyme Bank accounts. Increase your points since GoTyme Bank accounts already have Go Rewards. Earn three times as many points when you use your GoTyme Bank ATM debit card to make purchases at participating Go Rewards merchants.

A unique feature of this digital wallet is its Saving Tools. Save more and more wisely. When you go shopping, set a goal, schedule automatic saves, or save your change. You'll accomplish your goals more quickly with the aid of the saving tools.


ShopeePay, the official in-app e-wallet for Shopee that enables users to make secure and cashless payments like:

  • Online transactions made on Shopee, such as placing orders, purchasing mobile data, and paying bills.

  • Offline (QR) transactions with businesses that accept ShopeePay payments.

  • Receiving or sending funds to Banks, Shopee users, and other e-wallets.


It is a mobile wallet that enables cashless payments for Grab services and is the only one that awards GrabRewards points. Paying with GrabPay is simple and convenient for everything from rides to food deliveries to in-store purchases to online shopping!

Lazada Wallet

One of the top e-commerce platforms, Lazada, offers a digital payment option called Lazada Wallet, which enables you to conduct hassle-free transactions online without paying a platform fee. This covers making online purchases, topping up, claiming refunds, and obtaining promotional rebates.

Online payments are easy with digital wallets.

In the Philippines, digital wallets are trendy. They make online payments easy and convenient for customers by allowing them to pay with just one touch of their phone or computer screen. Many merchants accept digital wallets as payment for goods and services, including utilities like electricity bills, water service payments, and even food delivery. Home buying is also made easier with the convenience of e-wallets, where you can pay reservation fees, down payments, and monthly amortization, anytime and anywhere!

Digital wallets are safe because they use bank-grade security technology that protects your funds against theft or unauthorized use by third parties when making purchases online at thousands of businesses worldwide.

E-wallets also make it easier for you to keep track of your spending. You can easily monitor your transactions so that you know where every peso went, which will help you manage your finances better.

As you can see, there are many different wallets to choose from. Each one has its own pros and cons, but all of them have one thing in common: they make it easier for Filipinos to shop online and pay with their phones or tablets. If you're looking for a new way to pay online without having to go through traditional banks or credit cards, then this article may have helped you find just what you need!