Top 10 Pasalubong of OFWs: Best Christmas Gifts to Receive


Top 10 Pasalubong of OFWs: Best Christmas Gifts to Receive


What's inside a balikbayan box? Balikbayan means "return to the country." And with that, sending a Balikbayan Box is a Filipino tradition of bringing gifts back to the Philippines for family and friends.


Typically, it'll take two (2) months to arrive at the destination.

If you have a balikbayan or an OFW in the family, you are more likely at the receiving end of these much-awaited packages, especially during the Christmas season. If you haven't seen one and you are about to receive one, you get to know what to expect. Here is our list of Top 10 pasalubongs of OFWS inside the balikbayan box.


1. Candies and Chocolates

Top of the list of favorite items to send in our loved ones, some Pinoys considered chocolates expensive, but in other countries, they are relatively cheap commodities. And we all know that Pinoys have a sweet tooth for chocolates. So it makes a lot of sense to include them inside the balikbayan box.


2. Canned Goods

Many packages also contain imported canned goods that you cannot find in our country, or if they can be found here, they must be considered an expensive brand in the Philippines.


3. Pieces of jewelry and Watches

It is also common pasalubong for the immediate family, especially from OFWs working in the Middle East. Some pieces of jewelry or alahas are Gold-plated bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and watches.


4. Apparel

Most luxury brands of apparel here in the Philippines go as high as discounts in other countries. So some of the OFWs are grabbing that opportunity to buy in a designer shop abroad. And who doesn't like shoes, bags, and even pre-loved items like clothes? Whether new or not, Filipinos can't say no to imported items for sure. And well, cliche as it sounds, it is the thought that counts.


5. Cosmetics and Perfumes

If you have a significant other, your mother, wife or daughter, or other female relative or friends dear to you, it is a good gift for them. Lotion, body wash, bath soap, hand cream, lipstick, makeup, and other cosmetic products. Perfumes and colognes are far less expensive and come in sets that include bath fragrances and oils, so it is a good buy! But, well-known brands, in particular, are greatly preferred by Filipinos.


6. Toys

Because more than the sight of chocolates and biscuits, only stuffed toys and games can bring out the biggest smiles on children's faces. The bigger, the better for, the younger set.


7. Gadgets and appliances

Pinoys are generally resourceful people, so it's not surprising that many of us are willing to ship slightly defective items. Phones or even laptops are probably not a very good idea, but small gadgets like electric shavers, cheap cameras, headphones, or can even include used cellphones– and they often are – in the balikbayan box.


8. Towels and Bedsheets

You might find it weird, but yes! Towels and bedsheets can also be common items inside a balikbayan box. Towels are required to be fluffy because it is a bubble wrap substitute or pambalot. You might assume that Filipinos are consciously eco-friendly, but the idea is to make every space count as a gift.


9. Household and Kitchen Appliances

A new set of plates will add life to their everyday meals. But, most of the time, if it is too pretty to be a plate for food, it will surely go as a display and part of collectibles.


Cute and functional small kitchen appliances are lovely presents too. Especially those that are rare finds in the country.


10. Vitamins and Food Supplements

With all the experiences brought us by the pandemic, one thing surely struck us with all honesty, health is indeed wealth. Given the high expense of vitamins and supplements in the country, much alone hospitalization, sending over several months' worth of vitamin supply is a good choice. After all, prevention always beats cure.


Although some balikbayan boxes may not be loaded with expensive stuff, our OFW relatives pack them with everyday goods that we can't get in the Philippines. It is a way of sharing what they see in the foreign country of their workplace. They pack these boxes with pure thoughtfulness since they will be en route to your loved ones back home. These are filled with a curated assortment of goods with specific people in mind.


A balikbayan box is not an ordinary care package; it is made of sweat, tears, sacrifices, and pure love of migrants for their friends, families, and children that they rarely see. And surely miss especially in these trying times.


But, if you are on the sender side. To ensure that your balikbayan box and its contents arrive at its final destination intact, here are five tips on packing your balikbayan box the right way.


How to carefully pack a balikbayan box?

1.    Gather as much as you can that can fit into your box.

2.    Reinforce the parcel so it can protect the contents.

3.    Don't waste space on bubble wrap. For packing materials, use stuff your recipient will want.

4.    Tape the balikbayan box tightly. Use clear tape and brown tape.

5.    Don't overpack your package.


Sending a balikbayan box can be one way of connecting with the family that you miss back home. It is what we all know as a care package sent by Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).


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