How to Decide on your New Normal Home Model Preferences


This global pandemic drastically changes a lot of things in our lives and routines, especially regarding our homestay and use. There has been a significant shift in how homes are constructed and how people live since the healthcare crisis began.

With the countless community quarantines, people are forced to be cooped up inside their houses for the most extended period of their lifetime. The house now becomes the hub of all activities-- from our work and kids' education to our whole family's recreations.


Nevertheless, there comes the point when you can barely accomplish so much with the area you have available in your current home. 


If your new normal priorities make you believe you've outgrown your current house, you can check out this guide to help you choose the perfect property type for your new normal home model preferences.


Convenience is now number one on your list of must-haves. This is true for a variety of situations, such as property upkeep.

Perhaps you've come to the realization that keeping your house clean and orderly is taking up too much of your time, time that might be better spent at work.

For this instance, condos are easier to maintain than single-family homes because of their smaller size and the fact that the property manager will check and clean the outside areas you use. Additionally, some homes are outfitted with smart technologies that make everyday tasks simpler.


Like this, the ability to do errands without leaving your unit is enhanced by living in a condo. All your necessities may be found in or around the core business areas where most vertical communities are situated. Some even have their own business space on the ground level. Even in the middle of your online meetings, you may effortlessly drop your laundry off at the store if you have a residence like this. If you're too busy at work to make lunch, you can always stroll to the restaurant next door and get something quick and easy to eat.


One of the great and affordable condo units for sale is Prima Tanza from Lumina Homes. It is a 24-square-meter one-bedroom unit that is located in the prime location of Tanza Cavite, which gives its future residents the perks of being close to lifestyle and business centers in the area.

This affordable condo unit in Cavite also includes amenities such as a 24/7 guarded entrance, clubhouse with WiFI, outdoor swimming pool, and a basketball court with a fence.


A feeling of belonging, a sense of community becomes your top goal in your new normal.


You may have realized how much you sought companionship in this period of social isolation. Neighbors who live next to one other in a townhouse complex are more likely to make connections with each other since they share walls. You can even share the meal that you've prepared at home by just passing the food over the wall in your front yard. Even your kids can meet up with their friends for playmates without taking the hassle of a lengthy travel.


Also, for those searching for a house for their large family, this is a great alternative to check into further. Family get-togethers no longer have to be held through Zoom meetings since everyone lives in the same rowhouse, loft, or townhouse complex. You'll be able to see each other face-to-face while you eat al fresco in the safety and comfort of your own homes.


Lumina Homes also offers its own set of townhouse packages for sale. You can choose from these townhouse home model units:

  • Angeli Townhouse

  • Angelique Townhouse

  • Adriana Townhouse

  • Bettina Townhouse


During the new normal, space is mostly our first concern.

After the pandemic, you may have come to recognize that you need a separate space for your work, personal time, and your children's online education. The luxury of having enough rooms for each of your lifestyles can be yours if you get a duplex or a single firewall unity. The majority of two-story homes have two to three bedrooms, providing the necessary privacy for relaxation and work or education, making them ideal for families.


It also comes with an outdoor area, which may be used as your kids' playground or for more also conveniently park your car as these home model units have a provision for parking space. Also, you can have a service area at the rear of your house that can use an extra space according to your family's needs.


Lumina Homes offers duplexes and single firewall units such as:

  • Angeli Duplex

  • Angelique Duplex

  • Armina Duplex

  • Athena Duplex

  • Angeli Single Firewall

  • Armina Single Firewall

  • Athena Single Firewall

All Lumina home model units mentioned above include great amenities such as a covered basketball court, a multipurpose hall, mini gardens and playground, shuttle service, 24/7 guarded entrance, and a perimeter fence.


Lumina Homes also started to Level Up 2022 communities by building a much larger and broader space called eSpacio. From the word space, eSpacio promises to cater to all the recreational and leisure activities of the Lumina residents through its newest amenities like jogging path, community center, Tambayan Ni Juan, shuttle terminal, and more parking spaces.


In addition to this, Lumina Homes' over 50 community projects across the country has faster and more reliable internet connectivity inside its subdivision that is excellent for your work-from-home jobs and online education of your kids.


Choose practicality in this new normal and level up this 2022, choose LUMINA HOMES.


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