5 Reasons Why Filipino Migrate and Choose to Work Abroad


5 Reasons Why Filipino Migrate and Choose to Work Abroad

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are Filipino citizens who reside in another country for a limited period of employment. Did you know that over 10 million Filipinos work abroad, making the Philippines "one of the biggest export countries of labor?" But why do many Filipino gamble their lives to work overseas?

Life abroad should be guaranteed to be better than life in the Philippines. Pinoy's who work abroad that don't feel traffic, pollution, and poverty. But not all the time. Here is the reason why so many Filipino want to work overseas.

5 Most reasons many Filipinos want to Work Abroad

1. Higher Income and Benefits

Many Filipinos believe that when they go abroad, their salaries are high. For everyone, when we hear dollars, yen, euros, dinars, and other foreign currency, this is also a signal when we convert it to pesos. We assure that more than what we cannot earn in the Philippines, sadly, they don't feel to all our Overseas Filipino workers. Let's face it: the Philippines' current salary structure is one of the lowest in the region. Many Filipinos cannot make ends meet their salaries expectation in their regular job, so the lure of getting a higher wage, coupled with a better benefits package with the job, makes it a no-brainer for some.

2. Saving money

Most OFW prefers to save money while still abroad. They do this for their loved ones in the Philippines. So that they can send money to their children to continue their studies and have expenses in the Philippines daily; this is not easy because they are budgeting for the money they will send and their own needs abroad. Many people believe that working abroad is an instant and direct path to fame and fortune and that if they continue to work in their home country, they will never amount to anything. Although there is some truth that it is easier to gain riches overseas, it isn't always the case.

3. Investment

OFW Investment is to get your hard-earned money working for you, especially during your retirement years. The fact is you won't be working forever. Please enjoy the taste of your hard work through passive income from real estate when that day comes. OFWs should invest now to have a regular cash flow once they retire. Purchasing a house and lot will help you achieve every Filipino dream of owning a space that they can call their own home. If you are capable, take it, grab these opportunities and feel the fulfillment of reaching your goal. Because the value of a house and lot for sale is unpredictable, the longer you take the acquisition, the higher the value of the property.

To give you an idea of what to purchase, I will recommend Lumina Homes. It is a leading housing developer in the Philippines, offering affordable house and lot. As mentioned, it can be the source of passive income. Whether you are active or retiring, your investment will be the source of extra income for you and your family.

As a housing brand under Vista Land, one of the country's leading integrated property developers, Lumina Homes breaks the norm of affordable housing by maximizing the potential of its communities in providing not just quality homes but also quality life.

4. High unemployment rate in the country

It is alarming that many Filipinos have identified among themselves. There is a high level of unemployed in the country, and they wish to help their families by working and earning money outside of the country.

The insecurity of finding regular and financially satisfying work in the Philippines is driving an increasing number of Filipinos to seek greener pastures abroad. And this is the opportunity to help another country because they don't have enough workers to help them. This is the chance to earn money for their loving someone in the Philippines. Working abroad is the best opportunity for you to travel overseas and go on a different adventure. Filipinos are very flexible in their job. That's why some other country they choose Filipinos to become their workers.

5. Peer Pressure and their Family

The pressure of family responsibility and peer pressure is the most significant factors that drive Filipinos to work abroad. Seeing their relatives and friends go abroad and get greater pay and a better living after only a few months overseas would tempt a lot of people to try their luck. They saw their relatives and friends invest in a house and lot for the safety of their family.

House and lot for sale is the best way to secure your family while you are abroad. Like Lumina Homes, they have an excellent house quality that will assure the safety of your family and future neighborhood. And the good news is this is an affordable house and lot. Being a family-centric society, Filipinos put their family at the center of their lives, so their benefit is considered.

For those who once become an OFW abroad is a certain attractive venture that offers many benefits. It would help you give your family, friends, and relatives a better life and allow you to achieve things you wouldn't be able to if you stayed in the Philippines. Being an OFW is not easy because you are going to face several problems daily. It's either your personal life or your work abroad.

Suppose you are prepared and dedicated to becoming an OFW to overcoming these things and enjoying life abroad to the fullest, and being a fighter for the challenge in life. In that case, you're sure to achieve your goal or trophy to success at the end of the day, and you will realize that this is the taste of your hard work on your first step to becoming an OFW to success.

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