Lumina Baras | 3 Bedroom Armina Single Firewall

Latigo Drive Brgy. Concepcion Baras, Rizal



Wake up each morning to awe-inspiring sunrises and drift off to sleep each night with the tranquil sounds of nature with our Lumina Homes' Armina Single Firewall Model with a 42 square meter home on a regular 54 square meter lot. Similar to Angeli Single Firewall, it includes a living area, dining & kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 1 toilet & bath, 1 carport provision, and service area. However, it comes with additional features like free ceiling and tiles on ground floor.

This is also offered in Duplex house type.

Lumina Baras is located at Latigo Drive Brgy. Concepcion Baras, Rizal. It offers both socialized (Anna Rowhouse) and economic houses (Angelique Duplex, Angeli SF, Armina SF and Athena SF).
Lumina Baras amenities are Multi-functional hall, play area, gazebo, guardhouse and perimeter fence. The project offers 25% socialized and 75% economic. Our project is just 3 min or 1.3 kilometers away from the National Road, 5 to 10 mins away from schools, market and other establishments.
It's just 5 to 10 mins away from Rizal's tourists spots such as; Punta De Fabian, Celossian Farm, CVM Eco Tourism Park, Bahay bakasyunan, Martessem, Treasure Mountain, JE Camp, Daranak Falls, Punta de Fabian.

Property Address

  • Full Address Latigo Drive Brgy. Concepcion Baras, Rizal

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